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Garage Door Service in Fountain Hills, AZ

You need a garage door service company that is going to provide a great service at a great price. That’s why you need to choose our team here at Garage Door Repair of Fountain Hills. We are proud to be able to serve the residents of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

What to do If Your Door Isn’t Working

As the largest entry point to your home and usually the home of your vehicles, your garage door is very important. So when your garage door breaks down it can feel like you’re trapped inside of your home. While some problems require professional attention, some issues require simple DIY fixes. Here are some things to try if your door breaks down:
  • Change the batteries of your remote - This may seem obvious, but if your door is unresponsive it could be because your remote needs new batteries
  • Make sure the area surrounding your sensor is clean - If there are objects blocking your sensor they may prevent your garage door from closing all the way
  • Clean the eye of your garage door remote - If the eye of your garage door remote is dirty it may make your garage door unresponsive to commands
You should at least try some of these quick fixes if you are having issues with your garage door. More often than not, a problem with your garage door requires a simple fix. However, if you have tried these fixes and your garage door still isn’t working then it’s time to seek out repairs.

We Offer Emergency Repair Service

Our highly trained technicians are here to help fix your garage door. No matter the make, model or age of your door, our team can help fix it. We provide high-quality repairs that last at a price that works for you. We are also on standby 24/7 to help you when you need it most. Emergencies can happen at the worst possible time, so we want you to feel safe knowing you have a garage door company ready to help. If your garage door is in need of repairs, give our team a call and we can be there no matter the time of day.

Do You Need a Maintenance Check

Most garage door experts suggest that you get a garage door maintenance check at least once a year. These checks help make sure your garage door is running smoothly. They also help extend the life of your garage door with maintenance services that can help prevent unwanted repairs. We can perform a maintenance check for you if you’re overdue for one. Our regular maintenance checks will make sure there is nothing wrong with your garage door that needs extra attention. We can schedule annual checks so you don’t go too long without a check again!

Call Today!

If you need maintenance or repair then it’s time to call our team here at Garage Door Repair of Fountain Hills. If you need garage door services in the Fountain Hills, Arizona area then we are here for you. We look forward to working with you!

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